Our architects showreel - Reel easy to show you...

We have not closed the door on our trusty (if not a little cumbersome!) project portfolio, but given the technology available today there are quicker, simpler ways to showcase our projects - especially when for example, we unexpectedly bump into a potential client of the office.

Using technology such as smart phones and iPads it is becoming far easier to flick through a selection of images in a matter of seconds with, at the risk of sounding like a TV advert for an 'easy-open' milk carton - no mess, no fuss!

Smart technology Vs. Old faithful project portfolio
Being immersed in a digital world we all feel that we should embrace advantages in technology, but all too often we find ourselvers depositing brochures the size of a small forest into the recycling bin (or returning them where possible of course)

In response to this: Check out our online version of our project showreel here - like it or not: no recycling required!

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