Iconic pedestrian bridge design in Amsterdam begins...

[UPDATE] Click here to see our final submission!

To undertake the design of a near boundless scheme of this nature is an aspiration for many architects and engineers alike.

2012 has seen the start of brp architects' venture into foreign grounds – both geographically and in design challenges.

The first project, of many to come, is the involvement within 'Architectural Competition Concours d'Architecture' '[AC-CA]' to design an iconic pedestrian bridge in the heart of Amsterdam.
Design meeting for iconic pedestrian bridge in Amsterdam

The design is to reflect contemporary design tendencies, consider urban insertion and create a new architectural symbol for an European capital city.

The iconic pedestrian bridge in amsterdam will be located on Amstel 51 in the front of the Hermitage Museum on the east bank of the Amstel River. Acting as a new gateway to the Hermitage Amsterdam Museum and will create direct access from the East bank of the Amstel canal.

The new 90m long footbridge will serve existing communities, neighbourhoods and visitors. Incorporated with the design of the bridge will be a café, bicycle repair shop, offices, wash & changing facilities and plant room/storage.
Design concept sketch for iconic pedestrian bridge in Amsterdam

Following the deconstruction of the site and development of conceptual ideas based on movements and tensions, the team, Michael Walkling, James Garner, Simon Bird and Michael Erwin, are currently finalising the design and fully employing the use of parametric design tools to aid them.

The scheme will be concluded before the end of February so please revisit or subscribe to our blog to keep updated with our progress.

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