Going Green in the Green Belt…

Firstly…the final testimony to the success of this building rests with the occupiers who embarked on the journey for new premises;

“It is a wonderful building ….nothing but praise from the patients, the doctors and staff ecstatic. It must be very satisfying to see a set of drawings change into the real thing – and then see that it was all that was hoped for.” 
Alan Johnston – Senior Partner WWGP 

The Warrens 'State of the art' Medical Surgery, Wirral - Winter photo

What began with an open public procurement process came to a dramatic close in January 2012 with the handing over of the keys to The West Wirral Group Practice and NHS Wirral. 

Through a rigorous site search process the team identified all sites that satisfied the development criteria. The final scoring of the sites determined that whilst still highly contentious, the former Warrens Nursery site was the most appropriate, if not the only one available. 

The Warrens 'State of the art' Medical Surgery, Wirral - Interior photo

Mindful that planning approval in the green belt can be highly elusive; there was no certainty that the proposals would be granted permission. During the initial stages brp worked closely with both Solicitors and a Barrister specialising in planning law to ensure as far as possible that the scheme minimised the physical, ecological and visual impact on the green belt in order to maximise the proposal’s chances of approval. 
A truly sustainable proposal was developed incorperating numerous features to assist integrating the building into it’s context and minimise impact. 

These include but are not restricted to;-

The design also embraces sustainable technology and design including:

The Warrens 'State of the art' Medical Surgery, Wirral - Summer visual

The state of the art 2000+m2 medical surgery provides:-

The site its self, a former redundant horticultural facility, provides:

The accommodation is arranged over two floors in order to minimise the overall footprint. The curved plan of the main building breaks down the scale externally. The use of two storey internal spaces with single storey eternal projections creates a light and airy feel to the building environment.
The Warrens 'State of the art' Medical Surgery, Wirral - Winter photos

The central entrance, reception and waiting room have a strong external presence and from these central locations the three wings of accommodation radiate on both floors providing for short internal travel distances. The first floor waiting room is galleried over that on the ground floor providing an essential two-way link with reception. 

In addition to the core architectural service provided by brp architects, brp environmental also provided sustainability guidance and BREEAM assessor services achieving a BREEAM 'Excellent' rating in the process.

We feel that the end result is a credit to all concerned.

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