Rosebery Street School conversion into Medical Centre underway..

"In August 2010 brp architects announced that the opportunity to design a medical centre to occupy the shell of this, then idle, grade II listed school was underway..." 

Rosebery Street School, Loughborough - Original listed building photos

The design of the project…

This beautiful existing building is endeared by the local community as an important landmark making the design of this listed building an exciting design challenge, the retention of the original features more significant and our motivation to retain them all the more meaningful. The contrast between the retention of the buildings shell and incorporating a modern state of the art primary care centre gave us the opportunity to undertake some unique design work and deliver a scheme that we can be proud of. 

Rosebery Street School conversion into Medical Centre - Entrance Sketch

In addition incorporating a state of the art primary care centre into the existing building an associated pharmacy, ancilliary spaces including residential new build and community centre to inhabit the infants portion of the school were designed.

Rosebery Street School conversion into Medical Centre - Elevation

One of the more important design considerations was to balance the space planning of the primary care element with the retention of the quality of the spaces, volumes and details of the interior and in designing this we have created clever, functional spaces that exhibit the renovated features. Space planning around existing features was seen as an opportunity rather than a restriction with many existing features and spaces affording design challenges that are not forthcoming in new build situations. This is most apparent in the large volume waiting space in the centre of the building with its modern interventions and the dynamic “L” shaped interlocking clinical spaces that serve to provide more positive consultation and examination spaces whilst respecting the existing window locations.

Initial sketches for layout of clinical areas in this primary care centre

Ultimately the design solution was continually tested against the medical practices needs now and projected into the future to ensure that a flexible, functional and aesthetically appropriate solution was achieved.

Rosebery Street Medical Centre - Waiting room visual representation

The construction process…

The construction process of this medical centre is now well under way and is due to complete in July 2012. A complex construction to provide a modern medical centre within the confines of a victorian listed primary school has at times been difficult not helped by all the additional complications that inevitably crop up when converting an existing building. However, all parties involved are now starting to see the benefits of all the hard work and we hope the finished building will be one that both the patients and employees will be thoroughly pleased with.

Primary Care Centre, Loughborough - Visual representation

brp architects have worked very closely with both the planners and conservation officers along every step of the way to ensure that the finished practice is sympathetic to the original building. The decision to retain the features within the main hall and utilise this central area as the waiting room has been very successful and, we feel, will provide a very pleasant waiting area that we hope will be a pleasure to use for patients and staff. 

Primary Care Centre Construction photo, Loughborough - Waiting Area

At the entrance the attention to detail around the new tiled wall courtyard provides a statement arrival path into the new building. Keeping the original features visible and visually separating any new elements we have added has been a challenging and highly rewarding experience. 

Primary Care Centre Construction photo, Loughborough - Entrance

This is a revitalisation project that we hope will stand the test of time appealing to future generations as the building that once was a learning conduit, was then renewed and continues its life reincarnated as a health utility to help into the local community.

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