Ladies and Gentlemen! Start your engines…it's the brp GP!!!

Remember the date, Thursday 20 June 2013 - the day that established working relationships were cast aside in favour of sheer, unbridled competitive spirit!

Early afternoon saw the team at brp architects swap their iMacs for Go-Karts at Stretton 2000 circuit as they battled each other out on the track. With team pairings drawn only 15 minutes before the race action started it left little time for tactics to be formulated before the Endurance race was underway. The cheery smiles and banter soon disappeared once the visors went down - THIS…WAS…SERIOUS!?! Despite the weather trying to add further spice in the form of intermittent showers all team members, with the potential exception of Michael Erwin (who later secured the prize for 'Most Dramatic Exit from the Track'), demonstrated the skill and tenacity to remain focussed on the driving and continued to storm around the track until the bitter end.

50 minutes soon passed and although finishing the race with an undignified 360 degree spin on the home straight and crossing the line backwards before crashing into the tyre wall Chris was part of the winning team alongside his more dependable team-mate, Mandy! After a series of close-fought battles James and Tom finished in second spot with Richard and Dan taking third place. All in all, it was a great afternoon's entertainment and thanks to all involved.

Take a look at the video below to see us in action. Don't forget to turn up the sound for Fleetwood Mac - The Chain!

Click here to see this video is high quality

Forget Silverstone with Hamilton, Alonso and Button…everyone knows where the real action is!!! Bring on next year!

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