brp architects to oversee futuristic 'Grand Design'.

Retired architect and local man, Tony Goddard, has appointed brp architects to assist him to deliver and oversee the construction of a futuristic and highly sustainable house, following his successful grant of Planning Approval. 

“the dwelling is considered to reflect the highest standards in contemporary architecture” - Harborough District Council.

The house, which is to be built in the grounds of Newton Harcourt Manor, was granted approval by Harborough District Council and approved under Planning Policy Statement Seven, which calls for innovative and exceptional design. Harborough District Council states that “the dwelling is considered to reflect the highest standards in contemporary architecture”. The house is to be built to the highest standards and will embrace the latest technologies to achieve a very high level of low carbon design. This technology will also include a below ground Earth Energy Bank, as developed by local award wining house builder, Caplin Homes, who have been appointed as contractor to build the shell of the new house.

Futuristic and highly sustainable house to feature on Grand Designs

brp architects have been appointed to draft the design, take forward the working drawings and oversee the technical co-ordination of the first phase of the build which is expect to start on site this summer. The design of the house is unique, spread over four storeys, rising from a ground floor base, with four towers which will have turrets. Clad externally in larch timber to tone in with it’s woodland surrounding, the design has high levels of glazing and three external roof terraces as it rises into the tree canopy. The brief is to design the technical and working elements of the build, which will have high levels of insulation and high performance windows and doors to achieve the u-values required. The house is committed to achieving at least Code Level 6 performance of the Code for sustainable Homes, which is being greatly assisted by the experiences and expertise of Caplin Homes

The project is to be featured on the very popular TV series ‘Grand Designs’. Kevin McCloud has already spent time on site with Tony filming the existing site and getting to know him. brp architects are very proud and excited to be a part of this unique project and will be posting regular updates at key milestones of the build.

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